Thursday, May 24, 2018

Jewel Tones (with Caramel)

Hey, everyone! It's good to be here.  I'm still alive...still coughing, but feeling almost normal.  My husband (who caught bronchitis when I did, the lucky man) and I have been babysitting our almost-3-year-old grandson this week, but even so I managed to get a pair of earrings made.  YAY!  ❤

I've been wanting to use these wonderful textury pewter components by Vincent and Nooma Cav of Inviciti for a while, and once I got my hands on these beautifully color-dappled lampwork beads by Terry Turner of Silverfish Designs I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.

I hadn't made bead-wrapped earrings like these in a long time (and none exactly like these), so choosing the tiny beads was a treat.  I had the tops of the earrings finished, with just the wrapping of the beads around the pewter triangles to go (using the cords left from wrapping the top part of the earrings together).

I picked out a couple of seed bead colorways and tried them out; one wasn't quite right, so I slid the beads off the cords and put them to one side.  The other set was almost right, but again, not quite.  I ended up combining parts of each seed bead group to get the colorway I finally used:  15/0 3-cuts in Rusty Orange Gold Luster, 15/0 Transparent Dark Lilac, 15/0 3-Cut Cranberry Gold Luster, 15/0 Magenta-Lined Gray, and 15/0 Transparent Dark Magenta AB.

The rondelles in the little silver caps at the tops of the lampwork beads are rosy-gold Czech glass, and the tiny rondelles at the neck of the charms are 4mm Swarovski crystals in Crystal Copper.

I really love the richness of all the colors in Terry's lampwork beads and the tiny glass beads
that echo the colors.  I hope you enjoyed them all too. ❤

Thank you so much for reading--I'd love to hear what you think!  

I'll be back on June 14.  


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Les Fleurs du Mal.

Buds. They're all over the place. On my clematis (purple of course), on the roses (Albertine - an old English climber with a wonderful scent), on the iris, on the aquilegia - granny's bonnets, we call them here. Anyhow, you get the idea. A garden full of promise. I love late spring - all still to play for.

I wanted to make some floral earrings this week, but floral with a difference. I began with the tiny ceramic buds by Robyn Cove, beautifully graduated from white through lilac to purple. Violet sari silk hoops by Anna Pierson, gold bicones and tiny ceramic seeds. Looped with black chain. A dark evil type of flower -  fleurs du mal.

Hope you like them. I'll see you again in two weeks - and by then, we should have blooms!
Lindsay x

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Bloom And Sparkle

I adore this time of year.  The rhododendrons are in their full glory.
Lilacs are filling the air with their intoxicating perfume.  I have a big bouquet of bright yellow day lilies on the fireplace mantle.  And pink tinged dogwoods fill me with joy. Everywhere you look right now is glorious.
With this bounty of blooms, I can't help but make flower themed jewelry. Today's earrings are brought to you by the colors magenta and green, with inspiration from the large camellia bushes in our back yard.
The shiny dark green leaves with the raspberry pink of the bloom got translated into these earrings.
Unfortunately I no longer remember the name of the artist who make the magenta and green lampwork flowers, but they were the launching point for these earrings.
I had some magenta beads that were a perfect match to the flowers.  I added some rhinestone discs and Czech glass bell flower accents to complete the design.
The Bloom and Sparkle earrings are available in my shop.

Monday, May 21, 2018


Well, we are enjoying beautiful weather here in the unexpected! Bright sunshine, blue skies and the flowers are blooming. Now, I love lilac. Really love it. The smell. The shape of the little individual trumpet flowers and the shape they make on the bough. Did I mention the smell? One of my favourite smells. I don't have any lilac in my garden. I keep dropping hints and hope that someone will buy me one, and plant it for me. But this hasn't happened. I think I had better get one myself

I got these beautiful ceramic drops in Petra Carpreau's recent update. The colour is just sublime -lilac and almost luminous. It's an intricate design too -a great combination of wire and ceramic clay -grungy and pretty at the same time

I've just added some textured silver plated jumprings and spacers and rustic silver plated brass textured tubes by Russian artist Anna Chernykh

I think these will be available in my next showcase over on The Earrings Show at the end of June. That's all from me. see you in a few weeks
Sue x

Friday, May 18, 2018

We're All Ears :: May Reveal :: Movement + Momentum

I wish that I could say that I have progressed further into my art-making for this upcoming show, but I can't. I have been a bit frustrated that I have bitten off, as usual, more than I can chew. But it is starting to coalesce, so that is good. Keep sending me good vibes and major mojo! I need all the support I can get!

I have gone back to reading the book Calder Jewelry. Finding this out of print book a few years ago and getting it for a steal cements it as one of my very favorite resources.

Calder's use of materials is genius to me. I love the way that he manipulates wire and repeats patterns, like swirls and spirals. He created his jewelry in overlooked base materials, like brass and steel, which is what I feel most comfortable working with, especially steel.

So in true Erin fashion, I left this task to the absolute last minute. And almost forgot. Then I saw no less than 3 sticky notes that clearly said in all caps - EARRINGS EVERYDAY! Whoops. Saved by a sticky note.

I decided that I would use steel wire to attach these gold plated brass drops that I picked up at the Bead & Button show a few years ago for some reason I can't quite recall (which is most of the things in my studio). The challenge was to make the coils and bends in the wire that would balance.

I like the direction that these are going in and I will be focusing on these simple forms and materials to go along with the polymer clay mokume gane that I am working with for other jewelry and hopefully - gulp! - some actual mobiles a la Calder.

Now it is your turn. Show us how you channeled your inner Calder!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

On The Worktable, Part Two

Hello, hello!  I just finished up my little project that I wrote about last time~

Here are the last pair of charms that Foxpaws sent in our handmade trade!

The richness of the red Jasper stones really brought out the beautiful detail and made them pop.  The stones are oval in shape, and I wanted to prevent the stones from turning so I crossed wrapped them.  

Here are the original supplies that I had pulled.  The vintage beads are an amazing match in color, but I thought they were just a bit too slim and got lost next to the bold, wider charms.  It was actually a difficult decision because the fabric cocoons were incredibly cool and had oodles of texture, but I wanted to add more color without adding additional length.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by!  Until next time, when we meet again in June!

Loralee xo

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Leaves on a Stem

A simple yet effectful design, all in the combination of the components.

Large faceted acrylic leaves
Sari silk, slightly wrapped by 24 gauge heavily oxidized copper wire
Handmade oxidized sterling silver earring hooks

All my best,